New Website

At the beginning of April we launched our new website. This is little more than 2 years since we announced our last one. Are we overindulging ourselves?

Not at all! At the beginning of 2020, as a team, we had re-grouped, we had repositioned the company, and we had also re-branded. That website was a loud message that everything had changed, and in particular the business had a new manager – yours truly, of course!

Since then, as a team, despite the infliction of a pandemic, we have really established the business on it’s revised direction of travel. At the same time, I, myself, have learned a lot more about making malt, and a bit more about supplying brewers and distillers. I am still learning, of course, but by the end of last year we really felt we needed to change the emphasis on the message to our customers and potential customers. After all, we are making terrific quality malt, and we need to shout about that, first and foremost. Not only that, we need to explain we do know, and understand, how we can maintain this high standard.

So, working with Jasper Williams at Juice Factory Design, we have come up with a simpler, more succinct and logical layout. It is all about promoting and selling our malt. You see, our website really does work for us, attracting potential customers every week, not just from the U.K., but from all over the world. And our strike rate is good – 35%! Not bad for a small company like ours, but then we have always set out to punch above our weight, so to speak. The point is, Warminster Malt really is a performer, and it needs the best stage set we can give it.

Better See for Yourself!

To our customers, and potential customers, what we always say is: if the website excites you, why not come and visit us, and see for yourself what we get up to!

I am pleased to report that, over the last 4 months, we have had 9 such visits, both brewing teams, and distillers. What is more, as a result of each visit, I do believe both sides have been able to forge an even better understanding of each other’s compatibility.

Party from Corinium Ales, Cirencester, 23rd March 2022

MaltingsFest 2022

Following Easter, we all drove down to Newton Abbott in Devon to attend the biggest Beer Festival on the South-West Peninsular. It was the first opportunity for two years for the regions’ brewers to all come together to showcase their beers, and to compete with one another, face to face, at the beer judging which precedes the Festival.

There were more than 250 cask ales exhibited, along with keg beers, as well as local ciders and spirits.

As the main sponsor of the event, our name was very much to the fore – all over the programme, the wrist bands and the glassware, as well as x4 banners, two of which provided the backdrop to the presentations of the medals and trophies awarded to the winners of the beer judging competition.

I am very pleased to report that Warminster Maltings customers featured very strongly in the prize giving. Particular congratulations go to one customer, Dawkins Ales from Bristol, who collected no less than 10 medals!

Surely some of that has to be down to the malt, don’t you think? For me, the event was tinged with a small degree of sadness, because it was held right next door to where the Festival originated, it’s home for 20 years, when it used to take over part of the germination floors area of Tuckers Maltings.

This lovely old Maltings, like us at Warminster, a ‘floor maltings’, built in 1900, now stands empty and unloved. It is a truly magnificent structure which deserves better, and but for a bit of foresight, might still have been making malt today. Instead, rumour has it, it’s fate might now be reduced to that of a warehouse for motorcycles!

Football Crazy!

I have used this headline before, but this year we really are crazy about the achievements of Warminster Town F.C. Their first team have had a truly magnificent season, and are heading for a strong second finish in the ‘Tool Station’ Western League.

This is “the highest ever position in our history” according to David Parry, the club’s dedicated and enthusiastic chairman. They have won no less than 27 out of 39 games, so far! And at the same time, the Ladies Team are on their way to becoming champions of their league!

All the teams carry our “Maltings Gold” logo on the front of their shirts, and next season will have “Malt-Stars” on the back.

All the players, along with everyone who helps to train and manage them, deserve our congratulations. They too are real performers, and deserve greater recognition. We are so delighted to be a part of their story.

Robin Appel