Like all food products, malt has a recommended shelf life. We would suggest no more than 6 months for milled malts, and 12 months for whole grain. All Warminster Malts are dispatched very fresh, within a few days of production.

One Stop Shop

We supply a range of nearly 50 different malts, including the most complete range of Organic malts, as well as all the cereal based adjuncts. Single pallets of mixed malts are packed to order.

Order Reception

Customers can order on-line, email, or the traditional way by telephone. We are always in place to receive calls from 8.00am to 5.00pm. You can depend on us to make every effort to keep our customers brewing!

Warminster Maltings - from fields of gold 2021

Sacks, Mini-bulk & Bulk

Much of our volume is 40 x 25kgs sacks on a single pallet. We are also able to pack in 500kgs or 1 tonne mini-bulk bags. We can also deliver in bulk, including pneumatic discharge of 17.500 tonnes or 27.000 tonnes capacity.


All our palletised deliveries are collected daily by a local, family-owned and managed haulage fleet (70 trucks), achieving next day delivery, for most of our customers. All deliveries are tracked, so we always know of any delays.