Our Management Team

Led by Robin Appel, the team adopts an all inclusive approach to marketing campaigns, order assimilation, production strategy and quality control. All enquiries are responded to immediately.

Left to right: Leam, Wendy, Avril, Robin & Jerry

Our Management team

 The Warminster Maltings Craftsmen

Theirs is a hugely responsible role. They oversee the malt production 24/7, for which there is no blueprint. Every batch can demand a slight variation to the process.

This team is also our most versatile resource, undertaking much of the engineering and restoration work at the maltings.

Our Craftsmen

 The Malt Men

Warminster Town FC, sponsored by Warminster Maltings, have been dubbed ‘the Maltmen’. As they thrash their way around the West Country, they have become valuable ambassadors, raising the profile of malt!

Warminster Town Footbal Club

Warminster Town FC