The best malts have to be of a consistent quality, and at Warminster Maltings we know how to best achieve this. We have adopted and adapted techniques gleaned from the early 20th century, when ‘floor malting’ was at it’s peak of production, and pinnacle of perfection.

A Biological Process

We start the germination process by steeping the barley in water over 3 days, draining and resting the barley each day, allowing oxygenation. There is no intervention to enforce germination, we let nature take it’s course.

An Advanced Process

Our very modern Weishaupt kiln, fabricated in Germany and Switzerland, and installed in 2017, delivers a whole kaleidoscope of malts, from our ultra low colour ‘Czech Malt’ to our darkest ‘Maltings Gold’.

Warminster Maltings - from fields of gold 2021

A Morphological Process

We work with the ambient temperatures on the germination floors, managing the window hatches in order to stabilise temperature control. Continuous turning and ploughing of the ‘floors’ follows no blueprint, but simply responds to the modification of the ‘green malt’ to achieve maximum extracts.

Safety First

Once made, our finished malts are dressed and graded, and stored in sealed malt bins. Multiple ‘in line’ magnets protect both our malt mills, and yours. We maintain a swift turnaround of product, packed one day, delivered the next.