Our Distillers Malts

• Distilling barleys are a category on their own and we select them accordingly

• For some, the preferred barleys must be non-glycosidic nitrile (non-GN) varieties

• Overriding this, we select for low grain nitrogen content (max 1.65%), vigorous germinative energy and very high extract

• Ring fencing the non-GN varieties is straight forward, but measuring everything
else has to be on-going.

Continuous Monitoring

Unless otherwise specified, our Distillers Malts are all made from Spring barley varieties, grown under contract, on farms best suited for the product. We establish an ongoing dialogue with the growers from sowing right through to harvest. Prior to collection from the farm, fresh samples of the barley are drawn for micro-malting. The procedure exactly replicates the process in the malt house. We then follow this by ‘mashing in’ these said malts, in order to measure the extracts and colour. Only when the barleys are deemed robust do we issue instructions to deliver to the maltings.

Upon the discharge of each fresh kiln we carefully analyse the malts again, to ensure the distilling malts we have selected perform consistently well during mashing, and that the resulting wort then ferments sufficiently well to give the highest spirit yield.

Premium and Provenance

Our malt is a unique product of outstanding quality. It stands apart from other malts as well as delivering a collection of added-value elements that all combine to meet, in particular, customers perception of premium and provenance, increasingly compelling to the spirits supply chain:

  • Exquisitely restored listed Grade 2* Victorian maltings.
  • The spiritual home of modern barley breeding.
  • An intellectual and fully integrated supply chain.
  • A slow gentle process that exploits nature’s elements.
  • The integrity of tradition, process and plant.

If any of these features represent added value to you, you might just agree with us that our famous Warminster Malt is Imperative to the Spirit

Distillers Malt


Max. Nitrogen EBC Colour
4.0 1.65 3.0