Our Brewers Malts

• Delivered direct from our maltings, we offer brewers the most comprehensive ‘One Stop Shop’ solution for their malt requirements

 • This facility quickly translates into the single pallet of mixed malts, prepared, packed and stacked to our customers exact requirements

• Further quality checks immediately follow while the malt sits on the pallet

• We leave ‘no stone unturned’ to ensure the best for our brewery customers

Attention to Detail

Each delivery of barley from the farm is thoroughly checked before it is accepted into the maltings. The grain is visually matched to it’s purchase samples, and carefully analysed to ensure it’s specification meets our exacting standards.

Then from the day our barley enters the steeps our highly skilled maltsters tend to the ‘green malt’ continuously, day and night, to ensure the highest extract figures from the finished product.

Finally, our very new ‘state of the art’ Weishaupt powered kiln gives us the ability to produce a whole kaleidoscope of Pale and Speciality Malts. From ultra low colour (2 – EBC 515ml) across to a dark Munich (20 – EBC 515ml) which we call ‘Maltings Gold’, we have the ability to meet all brewers specifications.

We are all focused on achieving the absolute best for our Brewery customers by ensuring our famous Warminster Malt is the Integrity of the Beer.