Exceptional malts derived from the Icknield barleys.

Terroir is the voice of experience in agriculture, which lends integrity to its produce. Varieties of barley impart character to the malts they produce, but so do the peculiarities of the soils in which they are grown. The British Isles is a kaleidoscope of different soil types, and each one, together with a respected malting barley variety, can influence the character of your beer. The Icknield Way is one of Britain’s oldest highways, stretching from Dorset’s Jurassic coast to The Wash, and it was established well before the Romans arrived.
The name is Celto-British in derivation, and may be named after the Iceni tribe. Today, it remains as a clearly defined path, and it follows the direction of a single soil type to which it lends it’s name – the Icknield Series.

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