Our Organic Malts

Our traditional malting process is very much in keeping
with the whole concept of Organic production

• Our small batch size (10 tonnes of barley) is an ideal fit with much of Organic demand

• We enjoy unique access to most of the UK’s Organic barley growers

• We have been notably successful in helping Organic barley growers achieve the grain nitrogen content particularly required by brewers

Exclusive and Inclusive

Warminster Maltings Ltd is one of only 3 UK malting companies with Organic Accreditation. This has been maintained for more than 20 years. In fact, Robin Appel, himself, was instrumental in developing the UK’s Organic malting barley crop. Working closely with growers for more than 10 years, both the most suitable varieties, and the ideal rotational cropping position, were painstakingly discovered, in order to achieve consistent quality grain.

 We are able to supply a complete range of Organic malts: Base Malts (barley, wheat and rye); Speciality Malts; Crystal and Roasted Malts. Like all our malts, they are all made fresh to meet orders.