Our Barley Supply

• Our barleys are contracted directly from professional barley growers across the full length of the country. This includes an abundant supply of Organic barleys

• Much of this supply is sourced from farms located within the important Icknield Series soil type (E.Yorks to Dorset). This is the best soil type for premium malting barley production

• Following harvest, barleys are continuously sampled and tested for their suitability for malting. This includes micro-malting and micro-brewing

• We specialize in supplying malts with pronounced provenance, by contracting barley growers geographically adjacent to the brewery or distillery

Benefit from our Integrated Supply Chain

At Warminster Maltings Ltd, via our sister company, grain merchant Robin Appel Ltd, we place contracts with farmers right across the country for the full spectrum of barley varieties we anticipate we will require.

We then take ownership of our barley from the day it is harvested. We immediately analyse it’s malting quality, and then we continually micro-malt and micro-brew freshly drawn samples from the farm, right up to the day it is delivered to the maltings.

The Best Farms

There is a simple formula which prescribes the perfect farm for malting barley production:

  • Track record of top quality malting barley performance
  • Timely and tidy management of all field operations
  • Bespoke harvesting, conditioning and storage facilities
  • The farmer understands and enjoys a good pint of beer!