Issue No.25 is something of a milestone for the “Friends of Warminster Maltings” initiative, the completion of 4 years of news bulletins emanating from this iconic malthouse.

But the other, perhaps more significant milestone, is that I am writing this Newsletter from behind the managers desk. Yes, I am now running Warminster Maltings myself and have already set about making some significant changes but utilising the collective talent of everybody here. I have had to postpone any retirement plans I had, and am now firmly in the driving seat, and in particular, responsible for malt sales!

This is a very interesting experience, because my knowledge of malt, and the science of malting and brewing, is not something I have ever had to get to grips with before. You can imagine my fear and trepidation when, at the end of September, I had to drive to Yorkshire to visit our biggest brewing customer, a very large brewery. I explained to the head brewer that I knew a little bit about barley, but a little bit less about malt, although I was trying very hard to widen my knowledge as quickly as possible. The interview appeared to go well, because by the time I had to leave the head brewer was offering to double my order (since confirmed)! I cannot imagine I will have too many ‘sales’ experiences as good as that one.

So, the milestone is now behind us, and a whole new era for the maltings is laid out ahead. We are already beginning to embrace this – a new office layout (all new office furniture), a new marketing campaign, and an ‘all inclusive’ management style. You will see little difference on the outside as you drive past, but on the inside the atmosphere is positively buzzing. It is all very exciting, and I will keep you posted on how we get on in the Newsletters to come.



Our last Newsletter (No 24) was headlined with the triumph of Surrey Hills Brewery, in Dorking, Surrey, winning the “Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2019”, with its beer ‘Sheer Drop’, made from Warminster Malt. Shortly after that, Island Brewery, on the Isle of Wight, who also make all their beers with Warminster Malt, scooped up two gold medals in their respective classes in the UK round of judging, which propels them into the finals of the World Beer Awards.

The two beers that impressed the judges most are:-

  1. ‘Earl’s RDA’ (Rich Dark Ale), Island Brewery’s flagship beer, the name reflecting that every pint sold contributes to the island’s Earl Mountbatten Hospice.
  2. ‘Victoria of Wight’, a beer commissioned for Wightlink, for their new flagship ferry of the same name.

We will keep you posted on how these beers get on when pitched against the rest of the world, but since we are not, at this stage, aware of any other Warminster Malt based beers in this year’s World Beer Awards, we are not sure the rest of the world really stands much chance against Island Brewery!



The Warminster initiative behind Cancer Research UK, tirelessly led by Jill McIvor, has, for its latest money raising campaign, decided to produce a 2020 Calendar. Each month depicts a Warminster personality (or two), all drawn in cartoon form by local cartoonist Julia Roberts. I am very flattered to have been invited to be “Mr July”!

It is all a lot of fun, and supports a particularly significant cause. The Calendar can be purchased for £6.00 each, and is available from:

  • Cordons Ironmongers
  • Deli 1
  • Silver Street Stores
  • The Organ Inn

But be quick, they are selling fast!


“Maltings Gold” sponsored’ Warminster Town are enjoying mixed fortunes so far this season. It seems to be a case of “win one, lose one”, the latter always against the run of play, of course! On Saturday 5th October, the team played an evening match in order to host a visit from the ‘Ground Hoppers’.

The ‘Ground Hoppers’ are a group of football fanatics, from all over the country, whose outstanding ambition in life is to spectate at as many different football grounds as possible. On this particular weekend they packed in 5 matches, on 5 different grounds, thanks to Warminster Town playing an evening game against ‘Bristol Telephones’.

Warminster Town lost 2 nil, against the run of play, again. But the Club still won, they had a gate of 370 spectators, by far the highest in their league. And the ‘Ground Hoppers’ appeared to love our beer “Maltings Gold”, according to ‘Twitter Feed’ they were very impressed with “the clubhouse, and its excellent cask ale!” They will take that message home, right across the country.

So once again, our “Maltings Gold” sponsorship deal appears to have been an inspired decision. If we can come up with a few more ideas like that going forward, this new era of the maltings could be very exciting for us, indeed!


Robin Appel