When Robin Appel acquired Warminster Maltings in 2001, it was a sad and neglected building. But ever since then investment has been continuous and progressive. Our priority has always been to improve the quality and quantity of our malt, undertaking everything from cost effective refurbishment, to new installations and complete, and sympathetic, restoration. Our task is ongoing, but today our iconic maltings stands proud and robust.

We offer a glimpse of the last 18 months progress.

High Rise

The renewal of our main elevator last year was a key investment. This ‘heavy duty’ kit lifts the ‘modified’ green
malt off the floors onto the kiln. The timing of this
operation is critical to capturing the optimum quality of our malt


Water Wise

At Warminster we have our own well, the best water, and just the right temperature
for ‘steeping’. But it cannot supply us fast enough, so our new storage tank enables us to extract enough water to continually keep ahead of our daily consumption.



Finally, we have just commissioned four new malt storage bins which we have shoehorned into a redundant corner. This extra capacity (approx. 14 days production) will even further ensure we “always have the best malt and the right malt…”