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Friends of Warminster Maltings

This scheme exists:

To give interested parties the opportunity to be more informed and involved in events at Warminster Maltings.

To help conserve and restore the historic maltings building and exhibits that may otherwise remain obscure from public view.

To foster interest and pride in the rich heritage of both the floor maltings industry and the historic building, and to ensure its survival and security for the benefit of both our generation, and those generations to come.

To assist with funds for the purchase of archives, prints, photographs and artefacts not normally within the scope of the business.

To create the opportunity for voluntary help and support.

Friends will receive:

Membership Fees:

Annual Membership:



Retired Couple




Life Membership:

Life (below 60)

Life (over 60)

(retired couple)




For further details on Friends, contact Melanie Garratt on 01985 850136.

For information on Warminster Maltings Ltd, contact Stephen Pyne on 01985 212014.

Download the Friends Application Form

Warminster Maltings supply our customers with the most extensive range of malts, adjuncts, extracts and brewing ingredients. We are constantly adding products to our range and are delighted to discuss with you your Recipes and requirements. Please review our product lists and for further information please contact:
Chris Garratt 01985 212014