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Warranty of Origin

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From field... to firkin

Warminster Maltings occupies a special position in the UK’s malting barley supply chain. As Britain’s oldest working floor maltings, malt is hand crafted using the same methods and tools employed more than 100 years ago.

More than this, the maltings is owned by Robin Appel, the renowned Hampshire-based barley merchant, who also owns Maris Otter barley, and operates a whole raft of barley supply contracts grown on farms right across England. This direct link to barley crop production, which includes seed barley multiplication and supply, when combined with the malting capacity at Warminster, offers a unique commercial opportunity.

Warminster Maltings can offer brewers the opportunity to have domain over their barley/malt supply. We are able to create a selection of ‘appellations’ categorised by variety of barley, which includes geographical domain, soil type, husbandry best practice, farm assurance, and harvest quality criteria, as well as the malting protocols for floor made malt. Specific deliveries to breweries within this scheme will all carry a Certificate of Compliance.

This is a special opportunity for brewers to achieve another ‘point of difference’. This is an opportunity for brewers to market their beers with a ‘Warranty of Origin’.

A Step by Step Guide to ‘Warranty of Origin’

Access to Publicity

Wherever possible, brewers will be granted access ‘by appointment’ to their bespoke crops of barley. This could include a guided tour for brewery customers and/or photo opportunity for future promotional and advertising campaigns. These facilities will be chargeable (prices on application), and invoiced with the first delivery of malt.

Warminster Maltings supply our customers with the most extensive range of malts, adjuncts, extracts and brewing ingredients. We are constantly adding products to our range and are delighted to discuss with you your Recipes and requirements. Please review our product lists and for further information please contact:
Chris Garratt 01985 212014